A Greek Beauty

Gyros – a Greek beauty!

I have never been to Greece or even tried their any of delicacy up until a few months back and oh my, where has it been all my life. I cannot wait to try more Greek food in the future and I will definitely tell you all about it!

I have only been to the one place for a Greek Gyros, and that is ‘MacTassos’ at Glasgow Fort, with other restaurants at Kelvin Way and Buchanan Galleries, all Glasgow based and all owned by the same lovely family. So if you were like me and no idea what a gyros was, here is exactly what it is:

On the left is a halloumi wrap with sweet chilli sauce and on the right is chicken gyros with sweet chilli sauce

Your choice of filling wrapped in a pita with tzatiki, tomato, onion, parsley and chips. All can be added with numerous different sauces.

I haven’t even heard of these before, but since trying one I cannot get enough of them. I’d happily have one daily (if I could). But, I now really want to visit Greece. The family who own ‘MacTassos’ are the loveliest. The dad (owner) always welcomes you with his cheery personality and a warm smile with the sons creating the beauties. I can honestly say I have NEVER experienced a bad service or gyros in the many times I have been.

So, if you have never tried one, or if you visit Glasgow any time soon, then please please go to MacTassos, you won’t regret it!

Love always, Emma xo

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