Starting Again

The news I have finally been waiting for, GYMS CAN REOPEN!! Everything in the world seems right again. So why not restart my weight loss blog with you all. Welcome to my journey.

So if you are a new follower, about a year or so ago I started a weight loss blog and lost just over two stone. The difference was incredible and I can’t wait to add in a 2020 Christmas jumper comparison (even if I do look bigger).

But then 2020 happened all my hard work was ruined. The gyms closed and I had no routine and not a care in the world of what I was eating. I was in the house 24/7 with nothing to do but eat rubbish, watch Netflix and sleep. I had no motivation to even attempt a home work out. I am now at my heaviest weight and just feeling utter crap about myself. So I am now back to ‘the diet will start tomorrow’ with the feeling of instant failure.

I have been ‘watching’ what I was eating for a few weeks since being back at work and lost 2lbs, but it hasn’t really kept me motivated. Now, that the gyms up in Scotland can open I am hoping that this will get me back on track and focused.

I have my wee book and pen ready to start tracking my calories and decided on my target weight. I will be restarting my weekly weight loss blog in hopes that it’ll help me loss weight and become a happier version of myself.

I’ll see you all next weekend!

Love always, Emma xo

By emmamcraexo

25: Glasgow: New blogger

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