This is my Second Chance

So tomorrow I’m heading back to work, it might be for two weeks or it might be the normality now. But I’m using tomorrow as a second chance, it’s time for me to sort myself out.

I am grateful for a few things for 2020. It’s made me realise what changes I had to make to get myself back to feeling ‘happy’; I have made three new friends that have helped me so much; I have started talking to friends that I lost touch with; I started my own side hustle, which you can see here. and finally, I have also tried a new cuisine, Greek. I will be doing a review very soon!

My time on furlough has been, looking back now, wasted. I didn’t do what I said I would, and that being:

  • keeping a routine
  • regularly do training for work
  • stick to my healthy eating and exercise

But instead I done the opposite. I didn’t expect 2020 to go the way it did, although none of us really did. I definitely didn’t think I would have to move back in with my parents, be on furlough for 17 or 18 weeks or put on all the weight I lost last year. In my opinion, 2020 has ruined me. Onward and upwards though, right!?

I am grateful for these three ladies, pictured below. The way we act you would think we would have been friends for year, but in reality it’s only been a few months, well since lock down began – thank you lock down!


I’ve also got really into walking and noticing the nature that’s about you. You certainly appreciate the littler things in life when you can only go five miles from your house. There is something about walking through trees that I find so therapeutic – I feel safe, does that sound weird? The sound of the wildlife going about their daily life, spotting the odd squirrel running from tree to tree and passing other humans doing their daily exercise. But it’s even better when you have great company.


I didn’t think I would be excited to getting back to work tomorrow, but I am. But don’t get me wrong, I am nervous, I feel like it’s my first day in a new job. It’s so exciting to get a routine again, and it’s going to help so much with my weight loss – The Gal Who Loves Food 2.0.

My second chance starts now! Have a good start to your week and I’ll speak to you all soon.

Love always

Emma xo


By emmamcraexo

25: Glasgow: New blogger

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