One Month as a Consultant

Wow, okay, so the past month has flew in. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve actually felt like I had a purpose or that lock down is my new normal and I’m just use to this way of living now. But becoming a Body Shop Consultant has still been the best decision I have made.

I, like probably many others, I was sceptical of the opportunity when it came. I put money in to other opportunities that were ‘similar’ and now just seemed like a waste. I don’t know if it was timing, or I just didn’t have the passion as I do with The Body Shop products.

Pyramid schemes seem to be popping up a lot more these days, you get random friends requests on social media, you accept and about five minutes later you get a personal message from the same personal saying you would be a great fit to the company. I’m not disrespecting anybody who is in one and honestly if it is working out for you I’m happy for you.

But for me, I hated it and it wasn’t for me.

You are probably thinking that The Body Shop at Home is the same. But it isn’t. This I love and I feel so much more comfortable doing. The main difference that I love is that you have your own private group and not posting constantly on your own media pages and you definitely don’t need to private message people to join the team or about products. There is no pressure.

So I’ve been a consultant now for a month now and I love it just the same as I did at the beginning when I joined. I’m not a great believer in myself and I honestly didn’t think I would have done as well as I have. So when I started my team wasn’t an official team but in days we grew and it became official. What a fab bunch of girls they are!

I’ve always wanted to do something like this and I’m glad I have. The commission has helped me so much over the past month. From helping to pay for a solicitor (without having to borrow money) and I was actually able to buy myself new gym stuff. Okay, that has just made me sound like a poor person, I’m not. I’ve had a lot of unusual outgoings the past few months and the extra cash has helped so much with actually treating myself. I can’t wait to actually save this commission up and see what it brings me, whether it’s a new car, house deposit or put away for a rainy day. But, also the opportunity to earn FREE products is honestly a life saver as well. This is the perfect way to try different products without buying them yourself or you could raffle them off. This is your business and you can do whatever you want.

This is nothing like a pyramid scheme and you do not has sales targets to meet. You can take it at your own pace, this is your business. So if this sounds like something you would be interested in and want to earn you extra cash, then just drop me a message.

I absolutely love it so join my Facebook page: Sparkle & Shine with Emma 🌟’

Love Always

Emma xo

By emmamcraexo

25: Glasgow: New blogger

2 replies on “One Month as a Consultant”

Great write up chick. Really interesting to hear how you’re getting on one month in! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the products & being a consultant and that’s it’s giving you extra pocket money to play around with. Also, yay for posting on the blog, as I know you’ve been a bit negged out lately. Send me some motivation so I can get something written & published! x

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